About me

My name is Suely Menichetti.

I began my career as a Hair Stylist in the 1999. Currently, I mainly deal with weddings and photo shoots.

During the last years, I attended various classes about makeup, which along with hair styling has always been my great passion.

I love natural styles. To me, the beauty is to pulling out each person’s maximum expression.

This is what “Matrimonio.com” says about me:
“Suely is a hairstylist and make up artist that from years accompanies the future brides in the most unique and exciting day of their life.
If for your marriage you are to the search of an elegant look and refined that knows to put then in prominence your points of strength, Suely is the choice that does for you.
She uses some collaboration of other professionals so that to be able to also realize hair styles and makeup on witnesses, parents, relatives and friends.”